UCWG 024: What are the Processes and Objectives of Your Transformational Journey? 10 years and 100 Life Goals Accomplished by Tal Gur.

Tal Gur, Fully Lived

Tal Gur, Fully Lived

Tal Gur is an author and personal development professional who recently completed a transformational journey of spending 10 years accomplishing 100 specific goals around the world. He started at 31, and is now ready to share what he learned in his upcoming autobiographical book, The Art of Fully Living: One Man, Ten Years, a Hundred Life Goals.

Tal devoted each year of his decade-long journey to a different aspect of his personal transformation. He learned that going to uncomfortable extremes could teach him more than staying in the comfortable middle of any domain.

Transformation is not random or spontaneous. It is cumulative and logical. We move in sequence from one change to another according to patterns and rules. Most people are not in tune with their own minds, bodies, and emotions, so they do not know the right path for themselves. Tal had to learn through his many trials how to get in tune with himself to find his authentic core.

Not everyone has to spend 10 years pursuing 100 goals to find themselves. The journey is different for everyone. You have to be curious. You have to be willing to go on your journey, whatever it is. Not everyone needs to know themselves deeply to be happy. But for others, it is the only option.

We all create our lifestyle and our goals based on the timescale through which we evaluate our lives. What would you do if you only had one day left to live? A decade? Forever? Your actions can be defined by processes or objectives, journeys or destinations.


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